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We are a collectively transformed business group focusing on solutions, with a unique and expanded competitive position, allowing us to create more opportunities and benefit from a collective service and product offering.

Our outgoing range of products and services, coupled with our centralised sales, logistics and management structure, means we can do more to build a better future for all. From eventing and ticketing solutions, to technical, retail, marketing, and logistics, partnering with Virtual Collective opens many doors.

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Virtual Productions specializes in event production and management. We have grown into one of the most prominent service providers of its kind in South Africa over the past 10 years. With offices in Pretoria and London, the company provides solutions for any type and size of event in all sectors, anywhere in South Africa and across Europe.
Our services include:

  • Sound, Lighting, Staging, and Flooring
  • Audio-Visual, LED Display, Streaming and Broadcasting
  • Stage-Hire and Rental
  • Tenting and Tented Camps
  • Plus: Health and Safety Compliance Services
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A distribution and supply chain network committed to maximizing brand success by eliminating supply chain complexities and optimising overall operational efficiencies. Founded in April 2020 by an executive management team with over 50 years of collective expertise in building South African brands from the ground up, SV105 Trading is using its experience in the distribution and supply of infrastructure, facilities, equipment, products, and services to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa. Some of the clients who had their premises fogged and decontaminated by the company include the Department of Correctional Services, the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa, Zerox, NAMPO Virtual Expo and the Gautrain.

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Flexifusions is a market leader when it comes to customisable cash management solutions. The company offers financial and credit management products that accelerate customer cash inflows, and allow clients to seamlessly manage, report and integrate business critical transactions. The integration of your current system with the Flexifusions debit order system can be done by our expert programmers. This application programming interface is a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data making the workflow more flexible and seamless. The integration allows the integrated system to complete the debit order processing and subsequent transactional reconciliation without the human factor. Our services include EFT payments, DebiChecks, AEDO, account holder verification and more.

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Blue Banana Events is dedicated to ‘inspiring audiences and, in the process, shaping culture through ground-breaking event experiences.” The company is an event management leader in South Africa, saving customers time, effort, and money through its fully integrated one-stop-shop functionality.

Service offerings range from event conceptualisation and event management to PR and marketing and across-the-spectrum technical infrastructure and facilities, everything combined in a full-service delivery package that can be tailored to elevate any event from the ‘exceptional’ to the ‘extraordinary’.

Blue Banana Events’ team of experienced event planners and managers liaise with customers every step of the way to guarantee exceptional planning, flawless execution, and an inspired audience response to ‘the way brands excel at shaping consumer culture and tastes in South Africa’.

The company has been responsible for conceptualising, producing and live steaming a range of successful events across South Africa and the world since September 2020, including Afrikaans Gaan Global, New Year’s Goes Global and, most recently, Valentine’s Goes Global.

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VISERONLINE.COM is an online store dedicated to promoting and selling products and services that are grown, designed, produced, manufactured, and developed in South Africa. We don’t only offer SA products, but we prefer them. We also make it easy for South African suppliers to get access to both a nationwide and a global audience of buyers. Launched on Father’s Day 2020, the store is already making inroads into being the online source of “everything that is needed and required to living a life that is truly and exceptionally South African” –a vast choice of products and services ranging from safety & security and electronics & digital to camping & outdoor and health & wellness. It is only in Mzansi where an online store parcel is hand-delivered (the day after purchase) by an immaculately appointed and prepared safety and security response professional – FREE of charge in Gauteng Province.

Viva ViserOnline! Viva Mzansi!

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A security services company specializing in bespoke services to fit clients’ particular needs. From home security infrastructure and 24/7 response to corporate and event security, DCM believes that striking a perfect balance between guarding and technical services is the most effective safeguard against potential security threats. Raising standards across the industry and combining a mix of technological solutions with the expertise of some of the world’s finest professionals, enable the company to deliver reliable, cost effective services that are aligned with clients’ operations and meet today’s stringent security requirements. A prestigious contract awarded to the company in 2019 entailed offering event infrastructure security services for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration on 25 May 2019 at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria.

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Soapbox Marketing specialises in understanding the connection between brands and their customers and, therefore, telling brand stories. It is our core capability. This facility – combined with a passion for research; an obsession to test, measure and analyse; an in-depth knowledge of media markets; and an unlimited well of creativity – form the basis for building brand strategies to go to market with confidence and achieve clients’ business goals. Optimising brand awareness and growing brand loyalty as measures to drive sales and improve market share, we are passionate about finding the most powerful ways to tell your story.

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iTickets is one of the most prominent online sources for public events in South Africa, providing an internet-based, print-at-home ticketing service for hundreds of thousands of avid event enthusiasts in the country and the rest of Southern Africa. A high traffic site boasting 370,000+ unique visitors with 1.2 million page views, iTickets’ event database is a leader in the events industry which greatly assists in marketing your event. This high volume of traffic makes the company a sought-after e-commerce platform for e-business and one of the strongest online advertising platforms for any business aiming to reach iTickets’ influential –and loyally captive –target audience.

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